Order Status

Status for the purchase order (invoice). On the merchant side, the most commonly used statuses are “NEW” and “PAID”. If it is PAID, you might want to fulfill the customer’s purchase. Every time a status change, Payment Callback will be triggered.


Status Type Description
NEW Newly created. Payment currency has not been selected.
PENDING The transaction has been detected, and waiting for the blockchain to confirm. Depending on different coins, the time varies; on a stabl network, Bitcoin 10 minutes, ETH 1 minute, and EOS 3 seconds.
PAID Payment is confirmed and has been credited to the merchant. Purchased goods/services are good to go.
UNRESOLVED The transaction has been confirmed but the payment diverged from what was expected. It might be Overpaid, Underpaid or Delayed.
RESOLVED The merchant has marked the payment as resolved.
EXPIRED Customer does not pay within the time, for example 5 minutes. The order cannot be paid, and merchants should create a new order.
CANCELED Buyer canceled the invoice. The order cannot be paid, and merchants should create a new order.
REFUND_PENDING The customer make a refund request, and refund will be made after confirmation.
REFUNDED Payment was refunded.

Statuses sequence:

  1. NEW

  3. a) CANCELED or EXPIRED [Final Status]
    Unresolved might be converted to RESSOLVED [Final Status]
    c) PAID [Final Status]
    Paid might be converted to REFUNDED [Final Status]