HTTP Response and Error Codes

API Errors

Most common API errors are as follows, including message, reason and status code.

Response example:

  "error": "API request limit is exceeded",
  "error_code": "API_LIMIT_EXCEEDED",
  "status": "400"
status error_code error
400AUTHENTICATION_FAILEDAuthentication Token is not set or expired.
400INVOICE_NOT_EXISTInvoice does not exist.
400INVOICE_VERIFIED_ALREADYIt has been verified already.
400INVOICE_CANCELED_FAIILEDInvoice does not exist, or it cannot be canceled.
400ORDER_NO_PERMISSIONOrder does not exist or permission denied.
400ORDER_CANCELED_FAIILEDOrder does not exist, or it cannot be canceled.
400ORDER_REFUND_FAILEDOrder does not exist, or it`s status is not refundable.
400ORDER_VERIFIED_ALREADYPayment has been verified with payment already.
400ORDER_VERIFIED_PRICE_NOT_MATCHPayment money does not match the order money, please double check the price.
400ORDER_VERIFIED_MERCHANT_NOT_MATCHPayment money does not the order of current merchant , please double check the order.
400ORDER_NOT_VALIDOrder id is not valid.
400ORDER_PAID_FAILEDOrder not exist or is not paid yet.
400ORDER_MERCHANTID_EXISTOrder with same merchant_order_id exisits.
400ORDER_NOT_NEWThe current order is not new, and payment method cannot be switched.
400PAYMENT_NOT_AVAILABLEThe payment method is not working, please retry later.
400MERCHANT_CALLBACK_STATUS_WRONGThe current payment status not ready to send callback.
400PARAMETERS_MISSINGMissing parameters.
400PAY_PRICE_ERRORPrice amount or currency is not set correctly.
400CREDENTIALS_NOT_MATCHThe email or password does not match.
400USER_NOT_EXISTThe user does not exist or no permission.
400USER_FAILEDThe user operatioin failed.
400INVITATION_FAILEDThe invitation code is not filled correctly.
401 (Unauthorized) API credentials are not valid
404 (Not Found) Page, action not found
421 (Too Many Requests) API request limit is exceeded
500 (InternalServerError) Server error in MugglePay